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Dann & Kelly

Over the past ten years, your hosts, Dann & Kelly, have been interviewing celebrities for Art & Understanding (A & U), an international monthly magazine devoted to the art and culture of people affected by HIV. Some of the more-than-one hundred notables interviewed include: Dustin Hoffman, John Waters, Bebe Neuwirth, Virginia Madsen, Danny Glover, and Johnny Galecki. In their new show, IN BED WITH DANN & KELLY, they've taken their interviews off the written page, into the bedroom, and onto the screen. The effervescent hosts take exceptional people “to bed” in a fun, lively, intimate romp in their bedrooms and boudoirs, digging below the sheets to uncover new stories to share with fans. So prop up a pillow . . . . and get IN BED WITH DANN & KELLY!

About the Hosts

Dann Dulin hails from Columbus, Ohio and holds a Masters of Science degree in counseling from California State University Northridge and a Bachelor of Arts in performing arts from American University, Washington D.C. He's written two books, Life: Take One (a resource book for men dealing with holistic health) and Straight Out (profiles of gay heroes). Dann's talents have also extended to performing in television, film, and commercials. Dann serves as Senior Editor of A & U Magazine. Kelly Danyluk is Canadian born, Southern California raised, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in performing/directing from California State University, Long Beach. Kelly began her show business career in the theatre starring in such powerful roles as Mama Rose in Gypsy, Kate in Kiss Me Kate, and Auntie Mame in Mame. Her singing and dancing talents took her to Las Vegas and New York, and eventually to cabarets all over the world. Kelly's multi-talents also include work in television, film, and commercials.

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