Episode 27 – Jason Ritter

Dann & Kelly have got THE EVENT! The star of the TV series joins the two for some chitchat.

11 Responses to “Episode 27 – Jason Ritter”

  1. Klare DaValle says:

    Hi Guys This was the best!! I absolutely love this eposite It was so real and you two asked the best questions!

    Klare DaValle

  2. Sirrell says:

    Kelly you crack me up!!! I loved this episode you guys..I watch the Event every week. Keep up the great entertainment…
    Love ya

  3. Norbert says:

    Kelly .. this actor is so touching .. but so you two !.. It’s nice to see and feel … Fred

  4. Terry says:

    That was fantastic!! I’m in love with all 3 of you and wanted to hide under the Jerry Garcia pillow just to be near!! LOVE IT!!!

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