Episode 28 – John Waters

Mr. Outrageous, John Waters, borrows a cup of sugar from Dann & Kelly, stays for breakfast, and doesn’t sugar-coat anything.

27 Responses to “Episode 28 – John Waters”

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for Episode 29 – John Waters, loved it!

  2. Leona Comer says:

    Cookies; I noticed that you NEVER forget the IMPORTANT FOLKS. The closing credits of The John Waters Visit…Della Clifford- hair etcetera…!

  3. i’m so glad I watched this morning, having a cup of coffee w/Dann and Kelly and JOHN WATERS!.
    how delightful… very casual interview, touching on the major points with ease. Thanks

  4. Valerie says:

    This was a fun one to listen to. Thanks guys.

  5. Dale says:

    Enjoyed muchly. Kelly and Dann do a great job.

  6. Leona Comer says:

    …and how could I not see the Caligraphy I gave Mark SOoo long ago is prominantly displayed !!! Of course Renie Diaz is Still doing her Make-up Magic as part of the Della Clifford Team of Hair & Make-up!!!! I LOVE the idea of John Waters looking for SUGAR!!! BRILLIANT…

  7. I LOVED IT AND LOVED THE PICTURE IN BACK OF YOU. Is the location your breakfast nook? The chemistry between you and Kelly is fabulous, as usual. It looks good Dan.
    Love, Barbara

  8. Kathy Fields says:

    Ok that was as cute as can be. I loved watching this video. I want some coffee !!!

  9. Monica Jimenez says:

    What an awesome interview!!!! I just love John Waters and you all had a great rapport with each other.
    So fun to watch and listen to…….Great job!!!!!

  10. Klare says:

    OMG! I didnt know that was the John Waters John Waters!!! This was amazing I love it ! You two did a great job! I can say more I Love this John Waters I can sooo relate to him

  11. Klare says:

    I am sorry this is Klare DaValle! I must rewatch it I adore people like him! I get him!!!

  12. You guys were so much better composed than I was when I met John Waters. Then again, you were interviewing him and I was just gawking and gobstruck at CVS. 😉 Fun piece, fun show. YAY thanks!

  13. Grayson William Sparkman says:

    Loved it. Please ask your camera person to hold still. Its like watching one of those CSI movies mixed with vertigo 🙂 Thank you, have a good day. G.

  14. Dixie Stevens says:

    What fun your shows are…this is my second time to view the John Waters interview and it is delightful. Good wishes are sent your way for continued success. Keep them coming!

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