Episode 19 – Dann & Kelly [The Carpenters]

Discover new revealing insights into the life of Karen Carpenter, from the legendary singing group THE CARPENTERS, culled from the first unauthorized biography LITTLE GIRL BLUE by Randy Schmidt (http://www.karencarpenterbiography.com). Learn about Karen’s controlling mother, her favorite song she recorded, and her complete devotion to her brother, Richard. Also, hear about Kelly’s attendance at Karen’s wedding and Dann’s fun time in front of her house.

2 Responses to “Episode 19 – Dann & Kelly [The Carpenters]”

  1. John Birmingham says:

    Hello !

    Thank you both for posting this wonderful video on Youtube for me to see. I just wanted to let you know Dann that I too am a MAJOR Carpenters fan and went to my first concert in Tucson, Arizona in1971 that was of course, The Carpenters. On a side note about Richard’s assistant calling you to say “thanks, but Richard has to decline, etc” , I sent Richard a belated fan mail two years ago thanking him for all of the marvelous music that He and Karen gave us, and just mentioned in passing that I loved his album “TIME” but that my only cassette copy had been destroyed in the car stereo. He Fed-Ex’d me a autographed picture of himself (Mmm handsome) and also an autographed CD of his album “TIME” which on Ebay runs almost a $100 bucks. To say that I was impressed with his classy personal response would be an understatement. I do hope that you can someday get to interview the man. He is just so complex like Karen was. That is why they made magic as a team.

    Cheers from Phoenix !

    – John Birmingham

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