Episode 20 – Susie Odjakjian [Disney Animation Studios]

DANN & KELLY are in the Magic Kingdom. They visit Disney studios in Burbank and their tour guide, Disney film editor Susie, takes them to Pluto’s Corner, the animation department where they encounter two artists who are working on the current hit TV show, “Phineas and Ferb,” then they compare hand prints to Disney stars at the Walk of Fame, and in the archives section even oogle over the original Mary Poppins’ hat.

4 Responses to “Episode 20 – Susie Odjakjian [Disney Animation Studios]”

  1. Terry Ray says:

    It was SUPER—with some Cali Fraga Listic thrown in!! (My guess…THE LITTLE MERMAID).

  2. Pauline de zeeuw says:

    I loved wachting this episod, very interesting.
    Go on
    Thanks chearing with me. (my guess…….la petit sirene)

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