Episode 28 – John Waters

Mr. Outrageous, John Waters, borrows a cup of sugar from Dann & Kelly, stays for breakfast, and doesn’t sugar-coat anything.

Episode 27 – Jason Ritter

Dann & Kelly have got THE EVENT! The star of the TV series joins the two for some chitchat.

Episode 26 – Dick Woelfle [Dann & Kelly interviewed]

The interviewers become the interviewees! Dann and Kelly get intimate with internet TV host Dick Woelfle. Join us via satellite on Channel 125 and Network 125. Is that Brad Pitt at the door?!

Episode 25 – Emanuel Emanuel [Marilyn Monroe]

The adventurers sneak onto a cemetery and suddenly at Marilyn Monroe’s grave they come upon artist and author, Emanuel Emanuele, whose current book is “Color Me Marilyn” — a surprising twist on the icon!

Episode 24 – Charlotte Rae and The Sabin Free Clinic

The dynamic duo pay a neighborly visit to actor Charlotte Rae of FACTS OF LIFE fame then visit her charity, The Saban Free Clinic, formerly known as The Los Angeles Free Clinic, and speak to HIV Test Coordinator, Steven Reigns.